Game History:

Strands is the latest addition to The New York Times’ suite of word games, launched in 2024. It blends the classic word search puzzle with innovative gameplay that requires players to find words related to a specific daily theme. The game was developed in response to the growing popularity of word games, particularly after the success of Wordle, which captured the interest of millions worldwide. Strands aims to offer a daily mental workout, combining fun and challenge for word enthusiasts of all ages.

Creator Bio:

Tracy Bennett, the creative mind behind Strands, is also known for curating Wordle, another widely popular word game. With a keen eye for puzzle design and a deep understanding of what engages players, Tracy has crafted Strands to be both challenging and rewarding. Her expertise in game design is evident in the clever integration of themes and the unique “spangram” feature, which adds an extra layer of difficulty and excitement to the puzzles.

NYT Games:

The New York Times has a rich history of creating engaging and thought-provoking games. Here are some other popular games offered by NYT:

  • Wordle: A daily word puzzle game where players guess a five-letter word within six attempts.
  • Crossword: The iconic NYT Crossword, offering daily puzzles of varying difficulty levels.
  • Spelling Bee: A game where players make as many words as possible using a set of seven letters.
  • Letter Boxed: A game where players connect letters around a square to form words.
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